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              江蘇新南洋綠色科技有限公司 []
              江蘇新南洋綠色科技有限公司是新加坡新南洋集團旗下的一家從事農藥、泵閥、成套設備等產品進出口貿易的外向型企業。2012年,公司出口貿易定額近5000萬美元,連續多年在市出口貿易公司中名列前茅。為了企業可持續發展,公司走研發、生產、經營的一站式發展道路,產品包括高效低毒型農藥和環保節能型化工磁力驅動離心泵等。發展綠色產業,打造國際品牌是公司長遠的戰略目標。 公司一直致力于拓展海外市場,目前在國外設有新加坡新南洋集團私人有限公司、新南洋(越南)有限公司、新南洋(柬埔寨)有限公司、新南洋(印尼)有限公司、新南洋(泰國)有限公司。公司正在加快籌建緬甸、老撾、馬來西亞、菲律賓、印度、澳大利亞、非洲、南美等分公司。目前為止,公司的全球銷售網絡已經初步形成規模。 “以人為本,不斷超越”是新南洋公司的企業精神,“環保、綠色、健康、和諧”是我們公司永遠的追求。新南洋堅持“務實、創新、超越、奉獻”的企業核心價值觀,走一條專業化、集團化、國際化的品牌發展道路,我們愿與國內外各界精英精誠合作,共謀發展,共享收獲。 Jiangsu Sinamyang GreenTech Co., Ltd., which belongs to Singapore Sinamyang Group is a export-oriented enterprise dealing with import&export trade and specialized in pesticide, pump, complete set of equipment and so on. During 2012, the export trade quota of our company is nearly $50million, which ranks highly among the export trade companies of the whole city for years. Our enterprise insists on following the one-stop development path----research, production and management for sustainable development and the main products are pesticide of high efficiency and low toxicity and magnetic-driving centrifugal chemical pump of environmental protection and energy saving . Developing green industry and building an international brand are regarded as our company’s long-term strategic goals. Our company has always been heading up the effort to expand overseas market and we have set up our branches abroad---Sinamyang group Singapore Pte. Ltd., Sinamyang (Vietnam) Co., Ltd, Sinamyang (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, Sinamyang (Indonesia) Co., Ltd, Sinamyang (Thailand) Co., Ltd. What’s more, we are speeding up to start our branches in Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Australia, Africa and South America. So far, the worldwide sales network of our company has taken its initial shape. “People-oriented, Constantly Surpassing” is the spirit of our company and “environmental protection, green, health, harmony” is our pursuit. Sinamyang persist in the enterprise core value-“practicability, creation, surpassing, sacrifice” and follow a specialized, grouped and internationalized brand development path. We hopes to sincerely cooperate with friends at home and abroad and seek win-win development to share achievements.
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